What does relax feel like?

I felt a new sensation today. My jaw muscles loosened up. I had no idea how tightly those muscles have been for how long until they changed. A swim followed by a steam room. I think it was the steam room that did it. Laying in a steaming room with no other purpose other than to breath and soak up some moisture.  I realized my face was starting to feel different. You don’t know what relax feels like when you have not been there in so long.

I hate when people tell you to relax or take a break. As if by telling you to relax it happens.

Relax is about a state of mind not a button you push or switch you can easily flip on or off.

Is relax freedom from fear? Does relax mean you can ignore your brain wondering what might happen next? Is relaxation a physical state or an attitude?

For me the concept of relaxation is about lack of tension in my body. So physical exercise, stretching, movement and a steam room are things that ease me into a good feeling. When my brain is stressed a good physical workout will let my brain rest while my muscles go to work. My head really liked the cold shower right after the steam room time. It seemed like the cold water spray broke the heat wave that my brain has been in for a long time.

So for me a physical change of state is the key to mental release or new attitude. This is a lot easier than sitting and quietly meditating. These days too much quiet time just makes me restless. Yes, I do pause and breath in to appreciate the sun on my back or look at flowers.  Guess what my triggers are still about my physical surroundings.

What do you need to change your state of mind or let go of fear or stress?

Spend a little time thinking or doing things and pay attention to what you need.

Slow down enough to listen to yourself for the answers on what works for you.

















2 thoughts on “What does relax feel like?

  1. Val Boyko September 4, 2016 / 11:49 am

    Yoga has been my savior – now, as well as through the highs and lows of life. I am a yoga teacher. Since the diagnosis, I have been teaching every day.
    Channel your energy into something that has meaning, that will refresh and replenish you 💛


  2. cancercaregiverweb September 5, 2016 / 3:19 am

    Val, I agree that a physical action can help my brain relax, swimming and hiking are two things that nourish me.


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