Daily Prompt: Clumsy

via Daily Prompt: Clumsy

What comes to mind when you hear the word clumsy?  I think of awkward, unsure of how to move forward, being caught unaware, not thinking: all of these connections are negative just based on my past experience. If I am clumsy at something, I am more likely to give up, not try harder, admit defeat and move on. This is what I learned in high school sports. Only do the things you are reasonably good at. Give up if you are clumsy at something.Winning was more important than getting better.

I think I lost the chance to explore new ideas and get better at things if at first I was awkward. Now I am willing to give up that belief that if you are clumsy- stop. That belief does not serve me now, so I get to rethink how clumsy fits into my actions now.

Clumsy can mean you are learning, open to new expereinces, able to grow and develop into areas that will bring you a sense of accomplishment.

If you watched me in a zumba class you could say I was clumsy. I am having fun not caring what it looks like. I may be clumsy in asking people questions only because I am truely interested in a different point of view. Words are just words intil you give them meaning.


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