Failure is the opportunity to begin again.

What does failure mean to you? With time, I have come to realize that failure has always been my greatest teacher. Each failure pointed me in a better direction. Helped me to develop strength and a…

Source: Failure is the opportunity to begin again.

Failure to me growing up meant something bad, so don’t try if you cannot be really good at it. That belief I had to drop in order to grow and learn.

Fear of Failure stopped me cold in my tracks for many years.

I am still very good at playing the “what if” game: that imagines everything thing that could go wrong.  If I play that game too much, I get stuck in procrastination. I still worry when there is uncertaintly. The outcomes from cancer are unpredictable. I work on focusing on what makes life enjoyable now. Moving forward in life is a leap of faith.

If you think your time with a loved one is limited, that changes everything. Failure to live is unthinkable. Failure to thrive is something to avoid. Fear of the failure of chemotherapy is real. Yet the fear of doing nothing is worse.

Failure to take action is a concern. Did I do enough? Did I forget anything? Did I miss something important? When these questions take up too much space in my brain, I call if falling down the rabbit hole. Just telling myself that helps stop that swirling of failure thoughts.

Failure does not seem personal to me anymore, anything I do is just what I am capable of doing. Everyday I get to choose what to focus on. Ignore what you cannot change.

Focus on love     Focus on mindfulness      Stay in the now

Pay attention to what brings you  joy.  Appreciate life for what it offers right now.



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