What about the bills?

I want life to be simple and easy again.I want to not need to sleep 10 hours every night.Yes it is a gift that I can sleep that much. Isn’t it?  I want to be able to call about the medical bills and not cry on the phone. I want someone to explain why some things are not covered because chemo therapy is optional in the eyes of insurance. I want to not have to call 3 people to get one answer on what to do about medical bills that will not be covered. I want the state to stop sending notices that say we cannot confirm that you are a citizen or that you have social security. ( When he does ) .

Yet if Lee can handle chemo, I can handle the insurance and the bills and talking with the state again about his status.  I have to bring up what I call my “inner Jersey girl” to be firm, ask questions and ask for help on these bills, medical notices and county documents.

Every one I talk to is a person, just doing their job. Many are helpful, some are just as confused as I am. Then you call another person to recheck that information.

I know I am whining a little here. Persistance , patience and recheck. Good things to learn for what ever shows up in the mail box today.  Another day I need to explore why oustanding bills trigger  such emotions in me. For now, I will call and ask for help as often as I need to. Expect help and information to show up and it does.




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