* Want to Let Go More?

Some very successful and accomplished people will sometimes ask me – How can I let go more? What do I need to do to be more relaxed? How can I be less impatient? What can I do to be more flex…

Source: * Want to Let Go More?

When I read this post the words- pay attention to your discomfort , it is trying to tell you something struck home with me. I want to fix those feelings of discomfort, by taking an action, by changing something, by ignoring it or walking away from the discomfort.

I think that sitting in silence, holding space for those feelings is something I am practicing .

It is not an easy process, slowing down. Allowing my feelings to settle around me. Listening to my internal thoughts and needs. Thinking and reflecting on what I really need instead of jumping into actions.

I don’t have to have the answers, I am just getting better at asking myself better questions.


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