Mountain Paths


Mountain paths are by nature rough, tough, unpredictable and require paying attention to your surroundings. I know how to pepare to back pack this terrain, planning ahead, getting into physical shape and being prepared for all what ever conditions you might find.

On this 45 mile trek, I found myself asking myself why I was doing this? Why choose to walk uphill at an elevation that takes your breath away? Why carry everything on your back? Why spend 5 days sleeping outside following this path?

I back path along this Colorado Trail because it allows me to only take care of myself. Every choice is about what I need. I have no other worries or problems to solve.

What I did not know how to plan or prepare for was dealing with cancer.

After a summer of being mentally and physically consumed as a caregiver for my partner with cancer, this trip was relaxing. I was able to go because I was confident that I needed time to myself. It was healing for me and important for both of us.

What I find physically challenging is at the same time mentally rewarding. I thrive when you only have to pay attention to what is around you right now. The choices are simple.

Eat when you are hungry. Sit down when you are tired. Set up camp when you need to sleep. When life can be this simple it frees you up to enjoy the moments and look for small pleasures. My goal is to carry those ideas back from the mountains to my every day path.

Healing is a process and self care is a journey that requires reflection and quality time.


Daily challenge- Path


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