Frustration occurs when things do not follow a plan. When what seems to be simple turns unexpectedly complex. I find my tolerance for this to be very low today.

I look for solutions and expect the actions that I take to provide solutions. You know what I mean. When one phone call turns into three with no improvement in the issue, that leads to frustration. When I think a bill has been paid in full and the next notice says you are now in collections, that leads to frustration. Small issues that add up lower my resistance to deal with normal problems. I find I lose motivation to tackle the routine tasks for fear they will become complex and overwhelm my fragile system.

What helps is the awareness that I am not alone. My frustrations with billing, or small tasks are being felt in other homes right now.

Persistence is a skill that takes practice. Take the smallest possible step. Give myself credit for any action, Walk away when I need, before frustration takes over again.

Asking for help is the second skill I am just learning.  Asking about the denial from the air transport company, I learned all is not lost. I have the ability to take an action, ask again for help and this company will help me with the appeal. The uncertainty creates much more fear than asking.

So my lesson today, get over my fear and ask for help. Than ask again.



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