Self compassion

Self compassion is a concept I can tell you about, yet I think the practice of it alludes me.

So I am doing an online course on compassion with Brene Brown and Kristin Neff. I like listening to the videos and reading about compassion. I have trouble explaining my own thoughts on the subject. I find it so much easier to be compassionate towards others, recognize their pain and act in a kind loving way towards them. When I need self compassion, I think I am just depressed or stuck and don’t really want to interact with anyone. I would rather withdrawn, be alone, eat cookies and play solitare. It feels like I lack energy for any human interactions or discussions.

I am finding my biggest challenge is learning how to take care of me emotionally.

When fear or uncertainty threaten to run my life, I need to get off that cycle and allow my emotions to move through instead of taking up residence in my brain. It helped me to think of emotions as waves. Some days the waves are big and will knock you down.

Other days the waves of emotions are gentle and will rock you to sleep.

So I am testing a couple actions to demonstrated self compassion.

Sitting quietly with no agenda

Getting outside for a walk

Listening to my self talk. Reminding myself that I am enough. What I do on any day is enough for that day.I think the biggest lesson for me is self acceptance rather than feeling the need to change or improve me. I am enough right now. This is a concept in progress.IMG_1455



2 thoughts on “Self compassion

  1. Val Boyko March 9, 2017 / 6:52 pm

    The real progress is when we let go of the thinking and open our hearts. When we low ourselves to feel. Being a loving mother to my vulnerable inner child helps me a lot. 💛


    • cancercaregiverweb March 17, 2017 / 2:26 am

      Letting go of thinking and just feeling, thanks for those powerful words- allowing ourselves to feel, so true and needed for self compassion

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