Self Care

What do you need to show up day after day, week after week?  When did you first realize this journey with cancer in the house would be a long process?  That concept changed my ideas about how to take care of my self.

What do I need right now?

How do I manage my emotions so I can be calm, find peaceful moments and clarity on actions to take for myself and my person?

I only have my answers to these questions, I think everyone needs to be aware of what helps them and be willing to take actions of self care so you can have the energy and strenght to be the support person.

My healthy action list:  Swim, Walk outside, Sit still with a cup of tea, Read a mystery, Imagine life as boringly normal , Say yes when someone offer help of any kind, Sleep.

Things to avoid: Reading cancer statistics on the internet, friends who ask too many detailed questions, netflick binges,